WEJOY DL-S12 Mini Projector Review: Your Mobile Cinema

Mini projectors are a curiosity in today’s tech world. Smarter, smaller, and more good-looking ones are launching, which points to a rising trend in recent years. But unlike TWS earbuds, phones, tablets, or computers, mini projectors are rarely spotted in the while


The WEJOY DL-S12 projector is a portable cube-shaped mini projector. It can throw an FHD, 1080p image that’s up to 100 inches. But like all mini projectors, it doesn’t get bright enough to work anywhere except dark spaces. This is understandable, higher brightness means greater power consumption and better heat dissipation, and the appearance of the projector will be larger.

It has a speaker built-in so you don’t have to fuss with Bluetooth. It also has Android TV built-in so you don’t have to fuss with HDMI or casting from your phone (though you can do those things, too).


The following will analyze this projector from five perspectives

>>>1. Advantages and disadvantages

>>>2. What’s included?

>>>3. How does it look?

>>>4. What’s on it?

>>>5. What can it do?


>>>1. Advantages and disadvantages


【Big Screen】it can project up to 120 inches images, I think the best size is 80″.
【Smart】it comes with Youtube, Netflix, a built-in Android 7.1 system, and Wifi Bluetooth.
【Mini size】Mini as an egg, easy to carry: only 5.7*5.7*5.7 cm, weight:210g
【Mobile Theater】Built-in speaker and rechargeable battery(working for 2 hours)
【Touch panel design】Intelligent control with touch panel except for traditional buttons, also offer remote controller.
【LED Lamp】30000 hours long life, 10 years no need to change lamp


× The sound coming from the 3W speaker is very tinny, lacking any depth or mids. (But it can be solved by connecting to an extra Bluetooth speaker)



>>>2. What’s included?–Unboxing the WEJOY DL-S12 Projector

The WEJOY DL-S12 projector is packaged with infrared remote control, tripod, clamp, an HDMI to mini HDMI cable, power charger, user manual. The remote control has all the main controls you’d need, including directions, home, menu, back, volume controls, and power buttons. The tripod is basic and decent enough to get started with



>>>3. How does it look?

Out of the box, it sports a nice, matte finish, with glossy silvery edges at the top.

This cube-shaped projector is no larger than the palm of your hand, measuring 2.5 inches/5.7cm in height, length, and breadth.

Also, it is generally lightweight (210g), so it is easy to put it in the bag even pocket.



>>>4. What’s on it?

Aside from its lens and focus adjusting ring, the projector also comes with a lot of ports that give it more connecting options. Including:

· DC-5V charging port
· USB port
· HDMI port
· 3.5mm headphone jack
· an Infrared port

The most important is the touch panel on the top. Not like the physical buttons on other projectors, the touch panel is more in line with the aesthetics of young fashion and modern technology. (don’t worry, you can also control it by infrared remote)



>>>5. What can it do?

Starting up from a cold boot, it takes about 1 minute to load. I like the interface. It is concise and shows the core status of battery life, wireless, Bluetooth, and connected USB devices, as well as the time and date.

There are 7 preset of apps you can go straight from the homepage: YouTube, Netflix, Google Play, Mirroring, Apps, HDMI, Files, Settings. And a button to clean up.

Check the built-in OS information in the “Settings”, Android 7.1 OS, with 1G RAM& 16G ROM. (exactly 1.4G RAM+10.11G ROM, it is acceptable because the built-in OS take up some memories, it is a common phenomenon in electronics products)

The first thing I love is I can directly watch Youtube and Netflix online, no need to cast. But it can also screen mirror with phones though. Please check this article for specific wireless simultaneous screen methods: HOW TO CONNECT YOUR PHONE WITH A SMART PROJECTOR?

Secondly, I think it is quite enjoyable to play games on big screens. The delay is not very obvious, it should be related to the network.

As for image quality, don’t expect it to be as good as your TV. You’ll need a low brightness area, and the larger you make the screen, the darker your room should be. It is rated at 2500 lumens, but nowhere near as bright as a dedicated home projector.

But As a mini-size projector, not high enough brightness is acceptable. If it is configured with higher brightness, but still in such a small size, I will worry that it will be too hot and burn.


>>>Final thoughts

In general, a portable projector is definitely an “aspirational” gadget. You can easily imagine all sorts of situations where you would be the hero with a TV in your bag.

I personally like having it because I don’t want a big TV in my bedroom. But sometimes, you know, you just want to be in bed all day and binge something, or maybe you have a backyard and want to have a little mores-and-movie time.


>>>Where to buy

🇸🇬 Singapore: Lazada  SGD$259

🇵🇭 Philippines: Lazada  ₱10599

🇲🇾 MalaysiaLazada RM. 849

🇮🇩 IndonesiaLazada Rp. 2860000

Other countries: Aliexpress USD$194.4

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