The Best Projectors You Can Buy

Whether you want a portable presenter or a theater-quality behemoth, our picks will help you upgrade your at-home movie nights.

Barring the fact we’re in the middle of a pandemic, it’s a good time to be considering this classic viewing tech. You used to have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to get an excellent projected experience, but you can now get a massive, beautiful picture for less than the cost of a flagship TV.
Spend ultra-low prices, you can let us spend the boring days after getting off work. This adds a lot of color to life. The high-quality low-cost projector allows us to enjoy the cinematic experience in a small room.

Below, I will give you a list of better and cost-effective projectors for you to choose from. Different requirements, prices, and styles are all listed for you, and there is always one that meets your wishes.

Wejoy Y1

Wejoy is a company that has slowly emerged in the projector industry after more than ten years of precipitation. With its own exclusive technology, more and more people are aware of it. People use it all over the world.

This one shines at the first glance. The high-end and concise design has won our hearts. This small and convenient machine allows us to take it with us anytime, anywhere. When the family is camping out, you can also bring it. In the cool breeze at night, you can enjoy the fun of the family. Advanced configuration, let our vision is full of enjoyment. The price is only $149.95

Wejoy Y2

Y2 is a new product from their home, and it is the world’s first projector with a touch screen function. You can touch it like a mobile phone, and you can watch movies online. Have super clear picture quality and stable system. It can be compared with many well-known products on the market. Choose it, you can’t go wrong! The price is only $239.95


BenQ HT3550

Factory-calibrated color, true 4K resolution, and the ability to optimize light output for better-than-usual contrast make the BenQ HT3550 one of the best projectors you can buy. It’s lightweight and super easy to set up, thanks to a short “throw”—the required distance between your screen and the projector—and built-in optical zoom, which gives you a good amount of room to find the perfect spot to set it up. Movies look bold and cinematic, but you’ll still probably want to watch the HT3550 in a dark room. The price is only $1499


Optoma UHD50X

The Optoma UHD50X (9/10, WIRED Recommends) offers some of the best pictures you’ll find at a reasonable price. It has a similar image quality and ease of setup to the BenQ model that follows it on this list, but with one special trick up its sleeve that makes it my favorite projector right now: low input lag. Plug in a gaming computer with a good enough video card, and it will offer a 240-Hz refresh rate and low enough response time that you can play all but the most competitive online games. The high refresh rate also makes it a bit better for sports, which often look weird on projectors. The price is only $1599


Epson 5050UB

If you’re designing a dedicated home theater with stadium seating, you’ll want a larger projector like the Epson 5050UB. It offers a cinema-quality lens, sharp colors, and astonishing black levels. The added clarity you’ll get on larger screens makes this a great choice for bigger rooms, and there’s even an option to get one with a wireless HDMI transmitter, so you can get up to 4K/30 frames-per-second content to the projector without running a super-long HDMI cable. The price is only $3000

Finally, with so many products, is there anything that fascinates you? Hurry up and act!

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