The best projectors of 2021

With the development of the times, more and more high-tech products have entered our lives, especially the projectors that we are familiar with in recent years. While it replaces the TV, it also brings a different kind of experience to our lives. Only a white wall is needed, and its small size can cast a 30-300 inch screen, which better enhances the user’s visual experience.

So, there are so many types of projectors, which one should you choose?

1. Generally, the Android system is used, and the interface of the setting has multi-purpose functions like a computer, and the operation is more convenient.

2. The initial installation is simpler. The current miniature smart projector only needs a power cord, which can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere by connecting to WIFI.

3. Multi-screen interaction can push the pictures, videos, games, and other wonderful content on the mobile phone to the big screen to enjoy with family and friends.

4. Today’s smart projectors have begun to bring their own audio.


Epson EF-100


Brightness: 2000Lumens

Controller Type: Remote Control

Interconnection technique: Bluetooth

Product size:23.11 x 21.08 x 9.14 cm

The EF-100 is a small, highly portable projector in the same vein as the ViewSonic M2. It fits a slightly different niche, however. It requires AC power and it’s significantly brighter, roughly 1,500 lumens to the M2’s 350. The coolest part is the EF-100’s light is created by Epson’s “MicroLaser Array Projection Technology.” Yep, laser beams. That means no lamps to replace.




ViewSonic M2


Picture quality: 1080p Full HD

Cinema SuperColor+

Harman Kardon Speakers

Projector Lumens: 1000 to 1499 Lumens

Projector Native Resolution: FHD (1920×1080)

The M2 is about the size of a cake and like the Anker above includes onboard streaming and a (less-powerful) speaker. Unlike the Anker, you’ll have to supply your own external battery like a portable charger or power bank. We didn’t like its picture as much as the Anker either but it does have one advantage: 1080p resolution, which is important if you want a big image with no visible pixels on your projector screen.




Wejoy Y2 Projector


Type of projector: Home cinema Android system

Picture quality: Full HD (1080P) with 4K support

Brightness: 2,500 lumens(100 ANSI)

Screen size: Up to 5m (50-150 inches)

Speakers: Built-in 2*3w speakers

Wejoy‘s choice is impressive, especially when it comes to price. Known for its Smart Projectors, the company has developed the smallest 1080P single-chip projector on the market, a decent 4K projector that is quiet, affordable, and offers a full range of high-quality output. It also has features that reduce flicker and eye strain while viewing high-speed content. The colors and effects are great for watching movies.



BenQ TH685


Projector Lumens: 3500 to 3999 Lumens

Projector Native Resolution: FHD (1920×1080)

Picture quality: Full HD (1080P) with 4K support

Brightness: 3500 Lumens

The BenQ HT2050A above is a superior-all around performer, but if you’re a gamer looking for a specialized tool for the job, the TH685 is worth a look. If you don’t mind sacrificing color accuracy it can get a lot brighter than the HT2050A, ideal for brighter rooms, and gaming input lag is comparable.



Sony VPL-VW590ES


Resolution: Native 4K

Max image size: 300in

Brightness: 1800 lumens

Lamp life: 6000 hours

Contrast ratio:  350,000:1

Sony has supplied the market with a fair few native 4K projectors over the last few years – all high-end, all highly commendable.
In many ways, this particular Sony is an irrefutable showboat. Its color palette is more focused on the vibrancy and eye-catching saturation, and its shading favors the dramatic to the subtle, but there’s a definite appeal in that approach too.
The detail at 4K is outstanding and there are a very good texture and realism to every part of the on-screen image. Tonal detail in light and dark areas is excellent, even in scenes of mixed lighting, thanks to some pinpoint contrast control with help from the Dynamic Iris. There’s also the very hard-to-beat bonus of Sony’s superb motion processing.
Set up is relatively straightforward, and once you have it up and running you’ll be rewarded with pictures that will keep your eyes glued to the screen.



Wejoy L6+ Projector


Type of projector: Home cinema Android system

Picture quality: 4K(3840*2160)

Brightness: 4,000 lumens(200 ANSI)

Screen size: Up to 5m (30-120 inches)

Speakers: Built-in 2*3w speakers

Wejoy’s L6+ projector color with exclusive patent encapsulated optical machine technology, to solve the problem of poor assembly and burning screen, projection effect is good, currently on the market to do the best contrast products, picture uniformity is high, and low noise to give customers a better experience.



Optoma UHD65


4K capability: Yes

HDR: Yes

Connectivity: HDMI (x2), VGA, USB, Ethernet, 3.5mm analog, optical

Speakers: 2 x 4W

This is a sophisticated, 4K-capable, HDR projector that is competitively priced. Considering there are more expensive models on the market that are neither 4K nor HDR-compatible, those looking for a top-notch home cinema projector should give the Optoma UHD65 serious consideration.
It may not have all the bells and whistles of a high-end 4K projector, and, indeed, it may not be native 4K, but the picture is superb with brilliant motion handling, color production, and excellent upscaling abilities.
It’s also future-proofed enough to keep you happy for years. At this price, the Optoma is the one to beat, and if you find it at a discount, then you’d better not blink.



Wejoy L9 Projector


Type of projector: Home cinema Android system

Picture quality: 1920*1080P

Brightness: 4,000 lumens(400 ANSI)

Screen size: Up to 7m (50-300 inches)

Speakers: Built-in 2*3w speakers

This option from Wejoy is surprisingly impressive, especially for the price. Best known for smart projectors, the company has developed the newest technology of full sealed optical machines, which solves the after-sales problem of common LCDs, such as burning screen, dust and black spots, bright in the middle and dark around, large volume, large noise, and poor effect.
L9 is the highest brightness of LCD, and Full HD 1080P resolution, a Built-in Android system, which can connect WIFI and Bluetooth, so you can watch Youtube or Netflix online, and a Wireless Screen Mirror.


I hope you through my careful introduction to help you understand the relevant knowledge of the home projector, to buy their own desirable projector.

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