Projector Breakthrough-WEJOY Y2 Interactive Touch Projector Review

I’ve used so many different projectors over these years, but there is almost no difference except for effect, brightness and appearance.

Lately, I saw WEJOY Y2, it says it has the latest unique interactive touch, I am curious.

When I was looking at the WEJOY Y2 use cases, my first thought was a partner for my kids.


The following will analyze WEJOY Y2 from five perspectives

>>>1. Advantages and disadvantages

>>>2. What’s included?

>>>3. How does it look?

>>>4. What’s on it?

>>>5. What can it do?


>>>1. Advantages and disadvantages


【Unique interactive touch function】play games and draw on the screen
【Latest android 9】2G Ram+16G Rom, 4 cores CPU, smoother than others
【Real 1080p】1080P native resolution, max support 4K
【Auto keystone correction】The first Auto keystone correction in LCD
【Built-in battery】Can use it without charging


× Too square,  personally think A little arc will be better


>>2. What’s included?–Unboxing the WEJOY Y2 Projector

The WEJOY Y2 projector is packaged with infrared remote control, Touch pen, power charger, user manual.


>>>3. How does it look?

Unique handle design

Classical black+white

Minimalist style


>>>4. What’s on it?

Aside from its lens and focus adjusting ring, the projector also comes with a lot of ports that give it more connecting options. Including:

· DC-19V charging port
· USB port
· HDMI port
· 3.5mm AV in port
· an Infrared port


>>>5. What can it do?

√Big screen drawing

Expand your imagination on the big screen, keep the wall clean at the same time!


√Interactive gaming

play interactive games on big screen, develop kids’ intelligence&athletic ability& protect their eyes


√Interactive conference

take notes and mark at any time, then take a screenshot to save the notes


√ Children eduaction

Interactively communicate with children, make the education become more funny


>>>Final thoughts

In general, a projector is just a “monitor”. Those funny things are projected on a big screen, you cannot touch but only watch them.

The most attractive thing is the interactive touch function. It breakthroughs our normal thoughts and shows us that a projector can also be an interactive tool. I am very shocked when I use Y2 for the first time! It will definitely become a trend in the future.


>>>Where to buy

🇸🇬 Singapore: Lazada  

🇵🇭 Philippines: Lazada  

🇲🇾 MalaysiaLazada 

🇮🇩 IndonesiaLazada 

Other countries: Aliexpress 

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