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Guangzhou Weijie Technology Co., Ltd.is a comprehensive, modern & hi-tech company specialized in the program design, R&D, production and sales of portable digital electronics. Our design center is in Shenzhen. In the field of DLP, our company has cooperated with a number of foreign and domestic chip companies. We have developed successfully many types of new mini-projectors, which are widely used and easy to carry, so we have received a good reputation among customers all over the world.
Since our company was set up, we have always taken the market as guidance, quality as the theme, management as the main line, talents as the foundation and cooperation, technology and innovation as the basis. We strive to provide comprehensive service for our customers.

Affiliate support

Training support

A comprehensive training system, including the partner training guide, training, project development, help agents to build a professional sales team and continually enhance the quality team, to improve the profitability of the partners.

Advertising support

Shall practise a system of cooperative advertising, at all levels of the partner business area, according to the performance distribution corresponding marketing expenses, actively carry out various advertising throughout the year, rapidly increasing brand awareness.

Operational support

The company plans large-scale promotion theme activities and combines the strong advertising media to ensure the local influence and sales force of franchisees.

Business support

According to the characteristics of the cooperation in the market by professional marketing team, tailor new activity plan, for partners to help choose the right timing, business activities, to help quickly boost brand awareness, quickly open the situation.

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